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Emergency Shut Off Procedures

For Fast, Painless Water Heater Replacements,
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*Trade In Valid For Working
Water Heaters Only

Emergency Shut Off Procedure

Shut Gas or Power Off

Gas: Locate the gas valve and turn the round dial to the "off" position

Electric: Locate and shut off power at the water heater or circuit breaker

Shut Water Supply Off

Locate the cold water supply line feeding the top of the water heater and turn the valve clockwise until it closes. If valve does not close, shut off water to the house at the main valve.

Drain Water Heater

Locate the water heater drain at the bottom of the water heater. Connect a garden hose and drain the hot water to a harmless location. Open a hot water faucet inside the home to allow air to enter the water heater while draining.

If you are uncomfortable with these procedures, call A Good Neighbor Heating & Cooling at (574) 825-1677

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