Fairy Dust

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Fairy Dust
Fantasy transports us from the mundane into the barely believable. It is but folly for the mind. -bd
i wanted to grow up in the land of make-believe; where the fairies dance and the ladybugs fly.i wanted to grow up in their fantasy land and grow old with them there by and by -bd
She thought if she tippy-toed up behind Mr. Frog he wouldn't hear her nor would he see her. Across the sodden grass she crept ... putting her feet one in front of the other. Just as she was about to whisper his name he let out a deep, resounding croak. It startled her so that she fell, off-balance, to her knees. There he stayed. Right there in front of her ... just inches away. His little eyes blinked time and again. It was as if he was waiting for her. She could see the sleek texture of his back, the glistening skin beckoning for her touch. She gingerly reached her chubby little fingers out to touch him and as if he knew ... he turned on his two tiny front legs as if to greet her. It was a magical moment, for sure. "Why hello there Mr. Frog" she whispered. "I'm so sorry if I gave you a start!" she went on. "When I saw you here I thought it would be wonderful to get to know you." And so it went ... she chatted and he just sat there soaking up her attention. They met this way off and on for the next two years until one day Mr. Frog was no longer there. It broke her heart after she realized that her friend was not coming back. She was, however, two years older now and was able to think back on all of the fun times, all of the times she had confided in her friend and ... she was thankful. Sometimes the memories of a thing are so very precious (for they last a lifetime) and no matter where life takes us ... we can carry them along. -bd
she sprinkled fairy dust on the top of his head and pulled at his toe; laid upon his bed.
she twisted the tip of his nose and pulled at whiskered fuzz then flew off into the night, mysterious it was.
until i saw her tiny wand in the fist of his hand ... now i knew the "because" of her taking a stand. -bd
Under the dandelion she crept ... a tiny splash of dew falling upon the back of her head. She was intent on her destination. She was burdened with her tiny knapsack of treasures. Determination drove her on as the morning dew stuck to her wings and kept her grounded. Normally she would have been there by now. The sun had come sneaking through her hovel this morning and woke her with intense brightness. Slugger, the snail, came slowly from the baby fern underbrush and wished her a good morning. This brought a smile to her face. Slugger didn't really travel far on any given day but those who happened upon him were very blessed by the kind words he always offered up. Just around the willow trunk she could see the other fairies fluttering here and there as the sun peeked through to warm & dry them. It was show & tell at school today! Oh, she had waited so long for this day! Her heart sang! She got to the hollowed entrance as soon as the Queen Fairy's bell rang. In just moments she would be able to unwrap her worn little knapsack and extract the kerchief from within. Once she was called upon to share her surprise she flew ever so slowly to the front of the class, careful not to drop her package. The Queen Fairy made room for her on the weathered podium and buzzed backwards as Aestella unwrapped her priceless pieces for everyone to see. Why, she had an itsy little bottle that looked like it had brown fluid in it ... it said COKE on one side and Barbie underneath. She gingerly passed it to her classmates. Her next treasure was a beautiful gold plate with a hole in the middle. It was almost weightless. (The Queen Fairy knew it to be a sequin). The final piece ... the "piece de' resistance" was a beautiful little jewel that sparkled as though it captured the sun, itself. (She didn't know it, but it was a diamond). Her classmates ooo'd and aahhhh'd over the treasures which caused Aestella's heart to soar with joy! There is just no measuring the amount of joy a little fairy can hold in their heart ... or bring to yours. :) -bd
Sitting here at my desk, I feel the chill of Spring thick in the air. The heavens have rained down upon the grounds soaking them with the waters that were stored up for such a time as this. I watch the plants closely as the raindrops fall upon them ... and imagine (just for a wisp of time) how refreshing each one must feel, how nourishing this shower will be for all of the tiny seeds underground that are anxious to spring forth into the sun and fresh air. I think of all of the little beings and the infinite nature of this small patch of dirt that I am looking out at. Wouldn't it be magical if I could envision, even one more time, the fanciful little creatures of my childhood imagination? Once again I could see in my mind's eye all of the glittering wonderment as little fireflys dove here and there throughout the tall grass just beyond the garden ... waiting until the coast was clear to come out and help those little seeds raise their blooming bodies above the ground.
Oh, the imagination of a child ... such bliss is only realized when children are encouraged to create and believe. :)

Thank heaven for magical moments!
  • a child's sweet kiss
  • a baby's first smile
  • the sentiment of a friend wishing you well
  • a puppy learning to walk
  • a little girl's first dance with her father
  • hearing the love of your life say, "I do."
  • the first flower in the garden blooming
  • a hug from an unexpected source
  • a call from your husband "just because"
  • mom's reassurance
  • a father's smile from across the room
  • birth
Life is so utterly wonderful, fascinating, and scary all at the same time.
Thank heaven, for magical moments!


my dad used to tell me that when I felt overwhelmed with problems I should think of this; if I were to visually hang all of my problems out on a clothesline and then compare them to my neighbor's burdened clothesline ... I would most definitely decide that my problems didn't seem so bad after all. -bd
God never allows us to be burdened with more than we can handle.
dinner burning
babies crying
dogs barking
cats yowling
phones ringing
ipods blaring
children laughing
husbands watching tv totally oblivious to it all.
life is so sweet!
"Mom have you seen my jeans"? "Mom where is the shampoo"? "Mom, I need $20 for the school field trip today"!
... in our busy-ness we sometimes forget to cherish the voices that cry out to us (as we should) lest they some day be silenced and we forget the sound we once held so sweet yet took for granted.
Why does life seem so hard sometimes? There are days
that just breeze by
and then there are days
like today.My mind is
a jumble of thoughts ..
so many things to do,
so many people to attend to.
Obligations, responsibility-
ties and the weight of "things"
that just keep getting
piled onto the top of my
"to-do" list has me weighed
down and disheartened.
I know God will not allow anything more onto my "pile"
than I can handle but today is one of those days that I
just keep telling myself to "give this to God" .. "give that one to God" .. and leave them there.
Yesterday was a beautiful day, I basked in the easy flow of it .. I was lulled into a soothed slumber last night - only to waken to a chaotic series of events that leave me almost breathless and yet invigorated.
My attitude, I am sure, is what needs to be held in constant check. Having said that, I remind myself that a smile on the face is a good place to start and so I will try to lighten my day with homemade happiness and see what happens.
Once again, all is well in my world. :)
may God turn
my darkness into light
My friends and family are being laid off from their jobs. Plants are being shut down ... money is getting tight. The Holidays are right around the corner and parents are scurrying to and fro trying to find needed items on sale and "hoped for" items at a bargain. What we all find when times get tough is that we learn to appreciate the smallest of things. We also begin to realize that so much of what we surround ourselves with is unnecessary and even hinders our relationships with one another. As a result we can say, with confidence, that our hardest times in life are also our most blessed. -bd
kiss a prince & you may marry a frog
kiss a frog & you may marry a prince
When I was a little girl I loved to read stories about fairies and their secret little hovels in the woods. It is good to always keep the imagination, curiosity and wonderment of a child in our hearts lest we grow old and hard instead of older, softer and wiser. -bd
little fairies in the woods
their tiny lights all aglow
listening for wishes to be wished
for they grant them don't you know - bd
i saw a fairy once upon a time in a dream once upon a night and i awoke with a smile on my face once upon a pillow
one of my friends was recently at her summer get-away
she was outside blowing leaves
when a strange noise caused her to look up
just in time to see her bedroom go up in a whoosh of flames
she & her dog were removed from the lot
as neighbors rushed to save what they could
firefighters arrived in short order
her purse was found
(miraculously intact)
but everything else was lost
in just a few short moments her life was changed
thru no action of her own
in the blink of an eye
her feet were set on a new path
and i pray God grant her the strength
to take steps of faith
in a strange land
"yea tho I walk thru
the valley of death
I will fear no evil"
you; the brave one
me; the reserved one
you who took risks
who held fast to beliefs
you who stood strong
me; the weak one
that you always took sweet care of
me; the cautious one
me; the one who depended on you
now you're gone
but after all these months
i still feel you here
for i feel braver now
with each passing day
i take calculated risks now
because i have to
i have taken up your cause
and i have thrown caution to the wind
you; the one who taught me
what living is all about
for in your death
i have come alive
- bd
i always felt
that no matter where i was
or how dire
the situation
had His heavenly
watching over me
caring for me
keeping me safe
encouraging me
to get up
when i fell
and directing my
to a safer path
if it has taken longer
than necessary
for me to get to my destination
it is only because
of my own stubborness
and strong will
coming thru
on my weakest days
and if i ever
made good time on my path
it was from
repentance, and diligently seeking God's way
- bd
i wish for you
joy ever bubbling in your heart
i wish for you
and kindness enough to heal the pain around you
i wish for you
integrity that knows no end
i wish for you
and dance
and an eternal, internal light that guides others to the truth
i wish for you
a strong relationship with God that knows no bounds
i wish for you
all these things
and so much more
with never an ounce of fear or doubt to darken your path
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