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All of our far infrared saunas feature high quality lumber and double wall construction.  Using seperate tongue and groove panels on the inside and outside provide an insulation gap between the 2 walls, ensuring proper heat retention in your sauna.  This same technology is used in building houses.

The wood used in these saunas is not the normal 4" wide planks that are found in most saunas.  Our saunas use wood that is approx. 2" in width.  This helps create a tighter more rigid sauna room and retains heat much better.  Using these narrow planks also eliminates the cracking you will find in other saunas.  When the saunas heat up, the wood can bow, warp and crack on the 4" planks.  The narrow boards that we use will not have any of these issues.


Sauna Cabins: Lifetime

Electronics: Lifetime


Our ceramic heaters are high quality heaters and are used in most of the saunas on the market today.  These are not the metal rod heaters, but have a tightly wound wire over a glass tube interior to ensure the proper far infrared wavelengths are emitted.  Heater quantity varies by model but all models have heaters on the back wall, under the bench and then either on the front wall or the side walls.

Our carbon heaters are also high quality and in most saunas on the market today.  They come equipped with a protective covering on the heaters to prevent burns.  Other companies have fancy names for their carbon heaters and even have registered trademarked names for them.  All of these carbon heaters are made of the same material, which is the same material used in our carbon heaters.  Again, heater quantity varies by model but the heaters, themselves, are located in the same places as our ceramic heaters.