The Prayer Wall

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The Prayer Wall
This wall is for you to use ... you may put your prayers here by using the Guest Book (on the main menu) and I will post them so we can, together, lift all of these concerns to our Father and trust in Him to answer.
-Your privacy (identity) will not be revealed unless you ask us to reveal it.-

Father God, Please hear my plea
within this storm Lord I'm lost at sea
The water's raging; my voice crys out
then I see
you're not at a distance;
you're here; all about
and my soul as it's crying;
begins to feel soothed
tho' the storm rages on; my fear's now removed
and I feel you so close;
feel your heartbeat, I'm sure
for your love pours right thru me,
so real & so pure -bd

Lord, I just want to thank you for your unending mercies and your unfailing promises. Thank you for the rain.
"All things you ask for in prayer, you will receive if you have faith." Matthew 21:22
Oh thank you Father for seeing little Scotty through his surgery! Jasmin was so anxious and it was hard to comfort her. He is doing wonderful. Thank you for keeping him in your hands. In Jesus' name,
Dear Kind Lord, My kitty cat was supposed to have babies a while ago and she doesn't look good. Please help her.
In Jesus name amen.
dear lord jesus
on bended knee i pray
not always knowing
just what to say
but i love you so lord
and i hold you dear
stay with me jesus
be thou ever near -bd
She is young Lord, she is stubborn and willful. Please keep your eyes on her, just as you did me ... when I was that age. Father, I lift up our marriage to you. Please, Lord, hear my plea and keep us near your heart. Amen.
Billie's mom is in poor health Lord, please put your hands on her and heal her. Please embrace Billie too and give her peace during this difficult time.
I will cry out in the evening and morning and noon, and He will hear my voice. Psalm 55:17 To everyone else perhaps she was "just a cat" .. to me she was wise and wonderful, compassionate and loyal. I miss her so. Thank you Lord, for the time we had with her.

Prayer = Peace

I need to hear your voice

Never stop praying.
1 Thessalonians 5:17

Guide me, comfort me, keep me

show me the way ...

In the same way, the Holy Spirit helps us where we are weak. We do not know how to pray or what we should pray for, but the Holy Spirit prays to God for us with sounds that cannot be put into words. Romans 8:26 May I always have trials and tribulations mixed in with the joy and pleasure of this life Lord so that I will know you are molding me and making me into the person you need me to be ... not the person I may want to be. May I always seek you first.
a prayer
he's waiting for you
.. talk to Him
Father God,
Thank you for the beautiful flowers I see springing up everywhere! Thank you for the renewal of spring! Thank you for the laughter of children and the innocense of babies. Thank you God for all the seasons in this life. Please bless those I love and shelter them under your wing. In Jesus' Name ... Amen.
And it will be before they call, I will answer. While they are still speaking, I will hear.
Isaiah 65:24
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways ... I love thee more than I love me. I love thee, more than I love any other. I love thee so deeply, so assuradly, so completely ... I love thee. I do love you Lord. I always have, I always will and yet my love for you pales in comparison to your love for me. Jesus ... name above all names! Lord, sometimes I forget that others are hurting too. Please help me to be more sensitive, more self-less. Please open my eyes that I might see where I am needed and what I can do to help so that my eyes are always on you and others and less on myself. Amen. I am afraid, Lord. Life is so short and I don't want to waste whatever life you allow me to live. I want to die knowing that I tried my hardest to always do YOUR will. I want more than anything to have been a good example to others. I want to unknowingly lead people to you. I want to see your face more than any other desire I have, I want to one day see your face and know that I will be in your family forever. Whatever hard times may befall me in this life, I will try to count it all joy for if I keep my eyes on you I will know it happened on the path that leads to you and it is well with my soul.
Do not worry. Learn to pray about everything. Give thanks to God as you ask Him for what you need. The peace of God is much greater than the human mind can understand. This peace will keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7
Deliverance is so sweet, so very sweet, Lord. I had no idea it would be today. I had no idea it would be now. My entire body is relaxed and I feel a peace that surpasses understanding. Father God, as you hold me now I feel your presence and I long to feel it forever ... just as I do this very moment. I don't want to forget my time of trial ... I want it to be one more tool in my spiritual arsenal that I can use for your glory. I love you so, Lord and I thank you for delivering me from the fiery trial that lasted all these months. I praise your holy name!
In my heart of hearts I pray that you would bring good health and happiness to every member of my family. Be happy in your hope. Do not give up when trouble comes. Do not let anything stop you from praying. Romans 12:12 Thank you Jesus ... thank you, Father for hearing my cries and carrying me out of this place in my weakest of moments. You are my anchor in storm-tossed seas. My only hope. My lifeline.
Lord, I don't know what to say, how to say it. I just want you to please take fear out of my life and replace it with a renewed confidence in you. Where there is doubt, let there be assurance, where there is fear, let there be confidence, where there is weakness, let there be strength. In Jesus Name, Amen.
"You are bad and you know how to give good things to your children. How much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him?" Matthew 7:11
Father, Please give the following people rest & healing Lord. They are fighting major fights in their lives ... I lift them and their needs up to you ... your will be done:
Lord, Our dog Sampson is so sick. We don't know how to help him. We are out of options because of all of the special circumstances. Lord, you are a healer and we entrust you with his care. In Jesus' name. Amen Sammy bammy alabammy passed on today Lord ... with his eyes wide open as if he was waiting for me but as life would have it I wasn't there when he had to leave. I will think of him often as he touched my heart as no other animal ever has before. I love you Sammy ... may God give you much room to run and frolick in Heaven.
Most Holy God, Thank you so much for my husband, my children , my mother, my brothers and all of my extended family. I love them all and am so thankful that you blessed me to be a part of them. Thank you (especially) for Jesus! Amen.
Blake Rowden
(he will soon be in Iraq on border patrol)
Josh Worley (he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer)
Sierra King
(she is fighting leukemia & a rare rash that is all over her body as well as on her retinas - she is at Children's Mercy Hospital)
Thank you Father.
In Jesus' name ... amen
I did not give up waiting on the Lord. And He turned to me and heard my cry. Psalm 40:1
Can you hear me? Is my voice still one you recognize? It's been a long time since I really talked to you last. I'm sorry. There is just always so much going on and I get distracted. Help me to give you my time first. Please help me.
Father God ... without speaking his name here, you know who I am talking about and I am laying this at your feet. Lord, he is tired, he is feeling defeated. He is losing hope. He feels alone. Please Lord, increase his endurance, bless him with a "second wind" ... help him to feel victory. Fill him with hope Lord, show him that he is not alone ... he has you, me ... so many others that love him. I give him to you Lord and I ask that you bless him beyond measure in such a way that he will not question where his blessings come from. Glory to you, Father! In Jesus' name ... amen.
Lord, I just lift all these prayers and concerns to you and ask you, in Jesus' name, to answer each and every one. Amen.
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