At His Feet

Every single word, verse, poem, prose, etc. within The Tea Room (unless otherwise stated) was written by Brenda Dwyer and is protected and copy written.
Do not copy, reproduce or otherwise share this content without express permission by the author. 2008/2009
As a small child I knew you. I met you in my mother's womb.
You carried me
to safety
at the tender age
18 months or so
I fell into a
sewer well
in my uncle's
he walked on water
Temptation called my name many times as a teenager ... but you kept whispering "no" ...
On the top
of the dirt hill
we played
as children;
my brothers
and myself.
We had a fort there.
You saved me
from a huge knock
on the head
when a
dirt clot
that contained
a big rock
pushed in
my "shield"
and found
its way
to my forehead.
he washed the feet of others
When our car wouldn't start and we "push started" it (one more time) ... I forgot to let go and I sailed over the top of the car as it descended down the driveway and came within inches of running me over. I was unconscious but you were with me then, too.
I was scared.
I was pregnant.
I was married
but the
were about as
bad as could be.
My head was
so low ...
life was so hard ...
but You ...
you lifted me up
set my feet
on solid
he willingly walked to the cross
Life can be so challenging during the best of days but I have learned that if I just try to stay in your footsteps I can only look forward to the journey ...
and the destination!
Thank you Jesus!
You have the most
beautiful feet!
he still walks today ... thru us

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