Mermaids & Princesses

Mermaids & Princesses ...
Even as a small child, I wanted to be one. Either one. A beautiful, ethereal creature of the deep or a beautiful, and kind creature of the land.

I wanted to be able to swim and play with the whales and the dolphins and dance with the starfish. I wanted to have dozens of palace soldiers lined up to protect my kingdom. My best friend would be an octopus and he would wrap me up with multiple hugs whenever I needed them. I would find my prince on the most perfect day of all. Oh my, the imaginations of a child ... I could live undersea or on land ... my body would adapt at a moment's notice ...

Have you ever just let your mind carelessly drift into fantasy? As a child it comes naturally. We daydreamed and imagined to our heart's content. We were happier, more innocent and undaunted by the unknown. I often wonder if the time of our life that we are in such a rush to leave ("I can't wait until I grow up!") isn't the very time that we should be more attentive of. Reflection is good for the soul and there have been many times that I have laid my head down on my pillow at night and tried to wash the many trials of the day from my thoughts so that I can reflect upon more mindless things ... only to be disappointed. I can also tell you this ... that there are times, when I have left the tasks of the office behind and have returned to the nurturing atmosphere of our home ... and nestled myself into the deep cushiony warmth of my favorite chair and just RELAXED that (without much trouble) my childhood fantasies come flooding back as clear as if I had just thought of them for the very first time.

Where are the days that I looked forward to (with much anticipation) the wonder of being able to imagine something entirely new and unheard of? I loved to hear of my friend's imaginings too! There were so many things we could dream of there with our backs cushioned by fields of clover as we watched the white poofs of clouds meander by in the sky.

As a mermaid ...

I was free to swim where ever I chose; great lakes, oceans, seas ... and live in a city where mermaids loved to care for the many creatures of the sea; great and small. We would make sure they had enough food to eat and we would bake cookies and special treats for them. All of the living creatures in the sea loved us and looked to us for love. In a child's mind ... anything and EVERYTHING is possible. There is NO PLACE FOR REASON.

As a princess ...

I ruled the kingdom with my father and I loved all of the people. I could run and play all day if I wanted to. I wore the most beautiful gowns and had hand maidens that brushed my hair and made it pretty. In a child's mind ... anything, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

So simple, these imaginings; so pure, so unreasonable and yet so beautiful in their simplicity and purity.

To live fully is to experience fully all of our abilities ... to stretch them to their limit ... to realize that we can go beyond what we thought we were capable of ... in our imaginations ... ANYTHING & EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Go ahead ... stretch your imagination!

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